Opening your Own Garage: The Ultimate Guide

One of the greatest passions of the modern world is, undoubtedly, cars. Since their conception, cars have become a staple of our modern society. We use them for the basics such as transporting people and cargo long distances. They are also used for entertainment in the form of race-cars or demolition derbies. It’s no secret that our world has gone car mad.

But as cars became more common, it also became necessary for more garages to start opening. Cars are a marvel of machinery but they aren’t perfect. Everyone knows the hassle of car troubles.  And as more cars are built yearly, the demand for good, quality garages are only increasing. So today we are going to give you the ultimate guide to opening your own Garage.


Like with any business, the first thing you need to consider is location. You need to know what sort of vehicles you will be working on in your garage before you can decide this. If you are going to be working on trucks and vans, you will want to find somewhere in an industrial district. Otherwise, you want to be as close to a residential area as possible.

You can narrow down your search by consulting a real-estate agency or even ordering exclusive real estate leads from exclusive leads agency. This will allow you to find a suitable location without having to compete with other interested buyers.



The next step is to stock up your garage. A garage is going to need a lot of heavy equipment. Stuff that needs to be installed as a permanent fixture within the facility. This will be the most expensive part of your business set-up. You will need a car-lift, to be able to get under the vehicles. You’ll need all the relevant power-tools as well.

This is where it is important to know what type of vehicle you are going to be working on as you will need the right equipment to match. No sense in spending all that money only to find you cant actually help any of your new clients.


Building a Client Base

A garage gets most of its business from repeat clients. You will get a fair amount of occasional clients with new issues, but the bulk of your money will be made from people needing consistent repairs. These will often be people who travel daily for work or are a bit more reckless with their driving.

So your first step will be to advertise your garage services to as many people as possible. You want to make sure you are targeting the right sort of people as well. No sense putting up posters or talking to people in a carless area. Try talking to different businesses and see if they are in need of a new garage or want to switch. You may need to make an enticing offer and perhaps even cut them a deal on prices. Getting new clients in the door is more important than trying to turn a profit.


Reliable Staff

Everyone knows the pain of finding a garage and being messed about by cowboy repairmen or lazy mechanics. So you want to stand out from all that by hiring only the best. Find people who are dedicated to, not only their work but the profession as well. You want people who are genuinely enthused by cars and engineering. There are plenty of people out there at the moment looking for work, so you will have your pick of the bunch in this area. So don’t rush it. Take your time and really make sure you are hiring the right people for the job.

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