The Best 8 Super Cars You Can Buy If You Become Rich

Everyone dreams of a day when they win the lottery and suddenly become extremely rich and happy for life, and whilst it is likely not going to happen for most of us it’s still a lot of fun to imagine what we would do if we did win. You might like to imagine the kind of car you will drive should you ever get the opportunity to buy one. If this is the one thing you’re dreaming of then here are the best 8 supercars you can buy if you become rich.


McLaren 720S

This beautiful car is powerful, with a great performance and is sure to turn heads when you drive down a busy road.


Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Coming is at over a quarter of a million dollars, this car is going to make you want to check the xsmt results, as, while it is expensive, it looks amazing.


Ferrari 488 GTB

Named Supercar of the year 2015, the newer model definitely won’t disappoint if this is what you decide to spend your winnings on.


Audi R8 V10 Plus

This supercar will let you show off your winnings whilst not being quite as expensive as the others on this list.


Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

These cars are always popular among Bond fans, which is no surprise considering how beautiful it is, as well as its power.


Porsche 911 GT2 RS

This high-performance, high power sports car is definitely one to consider if you win the lottery.


Ford GT

A car that was originally made for the racetrack, the 2017 newer model is going to make you want to find a long and straight highway to speed down.


Noble M600

This British supercar is light and simple, built with specialized tastes in mind. Despite the great power and acceleration, the handling of the car is clean and interactive.


Welding Essentials for Building Racing Cars

Welding Essentials for Building Racing Cars

Before you enter any sport it is a generally accepted fact that you need to hold a base understanding of the technical side. This is no truer than with racing cars. The base, the must, for any racing car enthusiast is holding an understanding of how to weld your car. These welding tasks do not actually require a major in engineering to complete them, obviously. Despite the ease of task it is important to have the right tools for the job, and this passage will provide you with some information on common roles within race car welding and the best equipment for the job.

Which Welder?

The best welder on the market currently would have to be the Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Multi-Process Welder. The Weldpro can offer both MIG and TIG functions, making it the perfect welder for any welding newbie. The Weldpro leaves a lot of the tough decisions up to the actual machine; simply leaving the welder to weld. The Weldpro is also relatively light giving the welder extreme ease. To read up about the Weldpro I would give Weldingmaniaa look which actually has an extremely extensive list on the latest news in welding tech and the welding industry.

Roll Cage

The roll cage is perhaps the most commonly replaced item in car racing. This is due to the high impact nature of car racing. The roll cage is the one thing keeping a driver from success and instant death. Due to this critical nature of the roll cage it is imperative that you weld it correctly. The most important skill you need to master when welding your roll cage is how to weld in the base plates. If you weld too thick than you can easily weld through your cars floor. For a new welder it is important to aim for a thickness of three millimetres. This will provide your roll cage with a sturdy structure without the inherent risk of burning through the cars floor.


In race cars the most common form of welding is in repair. The biggest tip I can provide for any welder is to not overdo the job. If hypothetically your chassis becomes dislodged simply focus on how to repair, do not look to upgrade or convert your car; just try return it to its previous function. In welding repairs is perhaps the easiest role you can have; it is all about working with what you have and getting your race car back up and running.

How to Become a Pro Racing Driver

How to Become a Pro Racing Driver

Becoming a pro racing driver is a dream to so many but achieved by so few. There are many factors in completing this dream, a sport that is surrounded by constant danger and taking such high levels of concentration in each second of every race, will be take some form of struggle to enter.

It may be an unfortunate stereotype, but pro racing is a rich mans sport. So unless you come from a financially wealthy family you will need to find a source of income to support your passion. This is where marketing comes into play, you are no longer a human, you are a brand. You need to build a loyal following be in person or on social media, get your face out there try do as many interviews possible. Try become a sponsors dream and then you be able to turn your hobby into a profession.

Like all sports practice makes perfect and if you want to become a pro you are going to need to be behind the wheel as much as possible. Try get down to as many open days as possible at tracks around Britain, learn new courses and new cars. This also leads into my next key into becoming a pro racing driver, connections.

Like most the world pro driving is about who you know, no one has ever had a team boss come to their door and been offered a position, you must try engage with them try interact with as many in the industry as possible be it race engineers, technicians, other drivers and even the bosses themselves. You need to put your name out there if you want to become a pro racing driver then you need to seize the opportunity and force yourself into the position of a pro automotive.

Finally, and probably most obviously is to win. If you want to go pro you got to win, but if you follow the steps above then winning and eventually going pro should become a lot easier.