This Country is Considering Making Dash-cams Mandatory

This Country is Considering Making Dash-cams Mandatory

The history of driving technology is vast and ever-changing. It seems every other day there is a new car model or lavish innovation in the field that changes everything. Engines are getting more powerful and efficient. Cars can operate on different sources of power. Automatic sensors can interpret information and aide in driving. On-board GPS aides in navigating traffic to make the roads a safer place for all. The world of driving has come a long way since its inception.

But it isn’t just onboard technology that is changing. Additional driving accessories make life easier for drivers every day.  And it has been known that some of these optional innovations eventually become mandatory for any car to utilize. Such is the case with Italy and Dashcams.


Dashcams are exactly what they sound like. Small cameras that can be positioned on the dashboard of a car, or anywhere with a view to the outside, and set to record everything that happens while driving. Simple enough, right? Yet many people still argue over the point of using dash cams.

As more people take to the road, we have reached a point where we have almost as many cars as we do people on the planet. And considering how many people there are, and the percentage of those people that actually drive, that is saying something. And with such a swarm of cars moving about every day there are bound to be accidents, traffic infractions or scuffles between drivers. This is where dashcams have come into play.

Before, dashcams were mainly used by law enforcement. This allowed them, along with bodycams, to record everything that would happen to provide evidence and get details about a vehicle. And the same can be said for the average driver. If someone were to get into an accident that wasn’t their fault, without a dashcam they would be in a battle of ‘their words against someone else’s.’ But with a dashcam, they have video evidence of what happened which will help with the court cases or insurance claims.

There are many different types of dashcams. Some that can only record for a day at a time before they need to be cleared. Others can record constantly, even while the car isn’t in use to add some security. Some can even be connected by 4G to allow a user to check on their car whenever. If you want a look at more dashcams, check out they are leading the charge in Italian dashcam services and information, which will be useful considering the changes Italy is looking at.


Italy is a proud nation of rich culture, heritage, and scenic views. And with that, it brings a lot of tourists hoping to explore Rome and the other wonders the country has to offer. But with swarms of tourists and the ever-increasing number of domestic drivers, there are always issues of more accidents occurring. And Italy, as a nation, isn’t willing to sit around and wait for the number to go up, but rather is planning to take the initiative and change things.

While this is all still in the preliminary stages, Italy has started looking at a system of making it law that all vehicles must have a dashcam installed before they are road legal. This sweeping change would apply to everything from a small smart car to the large trucks carrying shipments across the country.

There are a number of different routes the country is considering taking with this bill. The first is putting the burden of responsibility onto the drivers or company owners. The idea with this would be that drivers have to install a camera before their car is given its standard road checks. This would make sure everyone is driving with the necessary equipment. Critics of this method have pointed out a few flaws

Firstly, outspoken critics have said that a lot of drivers tend to simply ignore the checks and will drive about at their own pleasure. These people are often caught out but not always and if the option is given for a driver to simply ignore something, chances are they might. Secondly, they have stated that a lot of drivers may simply remove the camera after the check and go about driving without it. People tend to assume accidents won’t happen to them and, particularly the more reckless drivers, don’t want evidence of their reckless actions.

An alternative suggestion is to put the responsibility at the level of the manufacturers. If any company wishes to sell their cars in Italy, they will have to make sure it comes with dashcams preinstalled and make sure these cameras cant be removed without causing serious damage to the car or stopping it from working. Installing a deadman switch with the camera is a suggestion made. Critics of this method point out it could stop car companies from wanting to sell in Italy or people with enough technical knowledge could bypass this.

Moving Forward

Whatever method is decided upon, many other nations have looked at the idea Italy is floating and agreed with it. The dashcam has been proven to improve driver safety across the board and, if everyone had one, everyone would be incentivized to drive safer and take better care on the road. This movement can only improve the quality of the roads and we are all for it.

What’s the Difference Between Performance and Regular Car Parts

It is not often you will see a racing car driving past your house, this is obviously for quite a simple reason; they are not meant for a civilian road. It is something to think about though? What is the difference between these cars. This passage will look to explore some of the individual differences in their car parts.


It can be quite a shock to hear the exhausts these performance cars will have fitted. While regular car exhausts look to limit the amount of noise that is expelled, the performance car often looks to heighten the noise it can exude, often installing large mufflers. It should be noted that these large mufflers are the definition of all bark no bite, often having no real effect on the cars overall performance.


It is a similar story when comparing the cars seating. A regular car seat is simply looking to provide the driver with a high form of comfort. Meanwhile the performance car is looking to lower the cars overall weight as much as possible. This means the cars seats and thus the drivers back are the biggest losers, with uber lightweight seats to keep the car buzzing along.


Perhaps the most stereotypical part of any performance car is the massive spoiler. This is however a fine accessory to have with a performance car, as it will keep the car streamlined as it lowers its wind resistance. The spoiler is however definitely not needed for regular cars, no one needs to look like they are driving a Grand Prix on their way to Walmart. Especially since spoilers do not begin to become useful until you start hitting speeds of eighty miles per hour.

From this passage it should be seen that regular cars look for comfort, while performance cars focus on speed. You can learn more about all of these car parts at green-4-u a website which offers in-depth reviews on everything car based.